The Act of Consistency

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[Photo: Jalbus Photo]
Observation: I often see people getting ahead of themselves when it comes to fitness goals. I witness frustration with the speed of results, and sometimes a peculiar sense of entitlement to results that haven’t actually been earned.

Just like nutrition, the process isn’t sexy, but showing up again and again and again (and again) — regardless of how you have to rig the process to make it happen — is what leads to fitness success over time.

This success isn’t by any means sudden. It requires attention to detail, and prohibits skipping steps (mobility work and dialing in technique come to mind) or jumping ahead (by doing too much, too soon, and getting hurt).

This is why it’s so important to focus on the process, on the very act of doing the work itself.

When you do, the feats will come. The look will come. But they both arrive through the simple (but not easy) act of consistency.