We’re your Radiance hosts, Jill Coleman, Neghar Fonooni and Jen Sinkler. With a common vision to help women elevate their lives and live in their power, we founded the Radiance Retreat in 2013.

We believe in simplicity and pleasure-based strategies when it comes to accomplishing your highest intentions. We want you to discover what works best for you, and correspondingly, shed what doesn’t.

We want you to live a life of your own design–a life that thrills you and brings you bliss. We want you to shine like crazy, and then take that radiance and pass it on to the women in your circle.

We are all about sisterhood, empowerment, and strength—from the inside out.

That’s what makes the Radiance Retreat so special.

The three of us have come together-not just as colleagues but as best friends-and created an event that arms you with the knowledge and confidence you need to run your shit like a boss.

During this three-day info extravaganza we’ll dig into everything you need to know to get more skillful and productive in your career, the gym, your relationships–all while enjoying the absolute heck out of the process.

Jill Coleman

Founder of the nutritional counseling and fitness site JillFit ,  leader of the business coaching club “Best of You,” and author of several renowned programs, Jill works with clients with all sorts of goals, but she’s developed a niche for teaching women how to live in autonomy with their bodies and their businesses.

Jill is the leader of the #moderation365 movement, and believes in encouraging women to be in their power through effective mindset and nutrition education. She wants you to live a healthy lifestyle that is both stress and shame free–and she can teach you how to do it.

She holds a master’s degree in human nutrition, and a personal training cert through NSCA, but Jill’s true superpower lies in making complicated mindset strategies seem incredibly doable. Just one conversation with Jill, and your goals and next steps will be better aligned.

Passion, purpose, and positivity are what drives Jill. She loves the outdoors, travel, white wine, and has a ridiculously contagious smile.

Neghar Fonooni



As a writer, life coach, and fitness expert, Neghar believes in empowering women through strength, and helping them develop the tools to thrive in every day life.

Through her blog, weekly emails, and highly sought after coaching program, she encourages women to direct their energy towards their highest intentions, and take the obsession and stress out of exercise and nutrition.

As a working mom, Neghar knows just what it’s like to feel as though you are living out of balance, and teaches women how to find ultimate happiness by choosing their own adventure, and connecting to their inner light. Her superpower is radical empathy, so you can expect she’ll cry when she listens to your story.

While her training specialties are yoga, kettlebell training, and strength, Neghar has dipped her foot into just about every training pool, giving her a unique point of view on exercise. She has a background in linguistics and loves adventure just about as much as she loves routine.

Neg alternates between white wine, vodka sodas, and Bloody Mary’s. Just look for the short girl with a glass in her hand, a backwards hat, high tops, and an obnoxiously hilarious laugh.

Jen Sinkler


Jen is a bright, shiny, boisterous, powerhouse of a woman. Just being around her makes you feel more radiant, and that is truly her gift.

For nearly a decade, she served as the editorial fitness director for a major health magazine. There, she dove into the best methodologies the fitness industry has to offer so that she could parlay that crucial information to readers. This meant she was able to garner a lot of experience in a wide range of approaches, and it turned her into a full-on fitness eclectic.

She now writes about strategies for optimal health and fitness at her website. She’s the author of two best-selling ebooks: Lift Weights Faster, and Lift Weights Faster 2, and she travels the world to share her myriad experience through workshops and lectures.

Jen is a certified kettlebell instructor through RKC and KBA, and an Olympic lifting coach through USA Weightlifting. She also holds coaching certifications through Onnit, Primal Move, TACFIT, CrossFit and L.I.F.T. (Ultimate Sandbag).

Above all, she believes training should be fun — and that a playful approach to training (and life!) is the secret to long-term adherence. Jen is never without lipgloss, is an animal print connoisseur, and is single-handedly bringing back the fanny pack.


The three of us can’t wait to meet you in Venice this year! We’d love to jam about all of the things that will help you take your life to the next level. Be sure to click here sign up for the next retreat. 


Jill, Neghar, and Jen