The Radiance Retreat is a yearly event rooted in
sisterhood, empowerment, and strength.

Over the last 3 years we’ve had the unbelievable honor and
pleasure of bringing some truly radiant women into this sisterhood.
Check out what they have to say about their experiences.


We started the Radiance Journey in 2013,
in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina…


1013787_10151604015117614_566939449_n“I was surprised by the friendships I made and bonds I formed. I am quiet and reserved, two traits which are highly misunderstood. I am solitary by both default and choice; there are few people who share my interests in this world. But, it’s amazing what occurs when you are among like-minded, positive people.

Conversations and friendships happened naturally because we were all there for the same reason and shared similar goals. What a relief to be able to talk to someone about my thyroid problems and have her GET IT. She didn’t give me any of the “Well you should” advice that anyone else might have. She just listened and empathized…And what a relief to be wandering alone in a faraway town and to be made to feel welcome by an invitation from another lady to join her group for dinner.

I arrived home feeling energized, inspired with new workout and food ideas, and grateful for time spent in positivity and encouragement with like-minded, amazing women. Throughout the weekend, I found myself thinking frequently that I had made the right choice in attending this retreat. When you’re inspired, you change your life. So, thank you for the inspiration. All of you ladies helped change my life.”



11223594_10153665595424739_577167924474045367_n“I went to this retreat with my eyes and ears wide open, hoping that I’d learn something to kick my fitness and nutrition in the arse. It was impressive to see so many women from different areas of the country (and Quebec!) embrace each other so readily, which in itself was a huge motivator. Neghar, Jen, and Jill were all so approachable, knowledgeable, and great speakers, who shared their own personal insights. They made you feel at ease, and all had a great sense of humor.”



10432141_10105942716954460_5797811408086405207_n“The retreat was a much needed reset for me. I have so many quotes from that weekend that I have written down and retell myself for inspiration to accomplish my nutrition and fitness goals. I’m always really hard on myself and honestly will continue to do so for awhile, but the retreat armed me tools to lessen the load, plus be able to take control of my thoughts — wow, that’s invigorating!”




1071513_1390483401171915_391542569_o“Truly a life changing experience….this weekend retreat surpassed all of my expectations. I left feeling energized and excited to push myself out of my comfort zone in order to be the best version of myself in mind, body, and spirit. Being able to spend a weekend with a group of like minded women was so inspirational and a lot of fun!! Jill, Neghar, and Jen-you are the BEST!”



1505199_10152287962951357_419651289_n“Radiance Retreat 2013 in Asheville was a brilliant adventure led by three inspiringly strong women! The ingenuity of the menu (workouts, presentations and mindsets activities) offers to us a combination of great learnings. The whole party was incredibly motivating. We had the opportunity to discover a lot from each other and share amazing fitness experiences. Merci beaucoup Mesdames pour l’expérience inoubliable!”




“Thank you, thank you all for an amazing weekend! I can’t really begin to express what it meant to me, but I have a feeling you all are feeling something similar. Exhilarated, kind of exhausted but totally inspired. I came home with a sense of peace, confidence and self-worth that I can’t remember feeling in years (or ever?), and I have you to thank for that.”



1240296_10151638461198946_1336295175_n“I couldn’t have asked for anything more. When someone asked me what I would have like to have been different about the weekend, I couldn’t think of one thing to say. Nothing to change. Phenomenal job ladies.”




Mindful eating journaling activity on the beach

2014 Radiance Retreat in Venice Beach

In 2014, we moved the Radiance experience
to the colorful and cultural beaches of Venice, California…

Radiance Retreat was one of the best experiences I’ve had in fourteen years of the Pilates and Fitness world. 2014 was accompanied with friends I encountered at the retreat, of whom I’ll remain friends with for years to come. In a world of egos, products and programs Jen,Neghar and Jill really know how to empower us “up and comers” to build our brand by embracing who we are. Thank you ladies!

-Lauren H.


11206052_359505930913309_4655577688290208330_nA great experience to meet and spend time with strong women that can all relate to each other both in the gym and as people. Besides the great people, the information is absolutely priceless and gives great insight into the fitness world from behind the curtain. If all that is not enough the scenery is to die for!

-Sabra E.



12027679_10206600201057279_4419166091828054617_nThe Radiance Retreat was amazing! Not only was it a great opportunity to learn from the BEST female fitness gurus in one place, it was an experience like no other. Every woman brought their own unique flavor to the retreat and to see strangers come together and build each other up was priceless. I will cherish the friendships that were made that weekend!

-Michelle R.


1520634_488134961304909_1696707090_nI cannot put into words what this retreat meant to me. Made amazing lifetime friends. Got incredible advise from three of the strongest most knowledgeable women in the business. It has fueled my work as a fitness professional as well as in my private life. The information I received that weekend was invaluable and my time spent there will be etched in my memories forever! You must do this!

-Angie L.




In 2015, we continued the Radiance Retreat
in Santa Monica and Venice Beach…



This retreat came at the perfect time for me. I was making a giant leap in my career as a fitness professional and decided to attend this retreat to be a sponge and learn from those who I so deeply admired. Words are really hard to come by to truly explain how empowering, enriching, and nurturing this retreat can be for a woman.

Jen, Neg and Jill each have such a unique offering and they share EVERYTHING around how they started in this industry to how we need to be thinking about the future. I made friends, lifelong friends, from across the country. To this day we support, we promote, and we continue to learn from each other and our leaders. I have this as a recurring retreat on my calendar. See you there.

-Molly S.

What I thought was a 3-day fitness/wellness retreat was actually So.Much.More. I connected with 50 women I may have never known otherwise and have grown/fostered
my connection with so many of them since. I don’t even feel like the word “sisterhood” is enough to explain it, but that’s the only word I can think of right now.

As invaluable as that is in itself, I left the retreat with so much knowledge to put into starting an online coaching business my husband and I had been talking about for years. More than that, I left feeling qualified to do it. Qualified to share my story and connect with/help other people through that, and gather more tools as I go.
These women, Jen, Jill, and Neg, are some of the raddest women I have ever met and are truly radiating with authenticity. The amount of love, mentorship, and guidance I have received since before I even signed up is worth the registration price alone.

It’s hard to put into words the true impact this retreat has had on my life, so I’ll leave you with that.

-Breanne B.


I arrived at Radiance as a full time high school teacher/coach with a part time training gig immediately thinking to myself, “These women are way out of my league – much more advanced in their careers and more knowledgeable in their fields.” But I left Radiance with a network of those same strong women at my side, and my thoughts post retreat were, “They’re still out of my league, but I can still start something..”
Fast forward 3 short months later and I had a blog under my belt and I left teaching and coaching to open up my own bootcamp/personal training studio. I’m forever thankful for the permission that the Radiance Retreat gave to me to start something. I’ve been reassured by Jen, Neghar, and Jill that I always “had” this pursuit inside of me, but I’m without-a-doubt sure that they provided the permissible foundation and facilitated the support needed in order for me to start getting shit done. My life is forever impacted due to the confidence gained, friendships made, and the #sisterhood mentality that I walked away with. Best. Decision. Ever.


As someone not in the fitness industry, I went into the Radiance Retreat as an ally, looking to connect with other women who like to lift heavy sh*t! The GSD mindset and radiant positivity encouraged me to start a blog for myself (which I had been thinking about for years) and revamp 10922836_348361552020530_768873153579823397_none for my firm.

Besides that, I felt empowered to try to make some new career goals for myself and have recently received notice that I can begin taking my architectural exams so I can become a licensed architect. There is still a lot of work to be done (7 exams!), but I feel like my “work life” is moving in the right direction (and, ultimately will provide me with a more balanced life).

Radiance made me feel confident as a human; I received some of the validation that I was lacking across the board. I now feel confident that I have knowledge to share for others to learn from and am thrilled to see the other Radiance lovelies still supporting, encouraging, and inspiring each other so many months later.

Jessica M.